A Brand New Method to Stop the Mind From Wandering

I have thoughts.
Oh yes I do.
They linger and linger till they cause me to blue.
I have thoughts.
Oh yes I do.
They repeat over and over in my head.
I think about the past and the things I can’ t change.
I think about the moment till the moment slips away.
And then as if that wasn’t enough,
my thoughts turn to tomorrow
and oh what will come.
I have thoughts.
Oh yes, I do.
They repeat over and over in my head.
I beg them to stop.
But instead they persist.
This is the problem with all my thoughts.
What a wonderful tool our mind can be. But when our thoughts run rampant and are uncontrolled the mind can become our biggest obstacle to overcome.
Do you have experience with uncontrollable thoughts?
If you do, you’re not alone. The truth is it’s normal to experience a wide-range of emotions. Feelings of joy and bliss can often be followed by feelings of disappointment or even loneliness. Feelings are normal, and to allow ourselves time to feel them is healthy. However, when we spend most of our days lost in our thoughts our lives can be negatively impacted.
If we’re not careful the incessant chatter that exists in our heads can derail us from doing what we want to do. The continued repetition tends to focus on the possible “negative” outcomes rather than the possibility of having had a “positive” breakthrough. Our thoughts change, as do our feelings, and they’ll never remain the same.
Some of our thoughts begin at dawn’s break while others run rampant throughout the night. All of our thoughts are different. For some, our thoughts frequent the most when we’re confident and strong. While for others, they come out when we’re scared or ashamed. They look at us and say “You silly girl. You can’t do this. You’ve got it all wrong.”
Then there are some of us who’ve learned to control our thoughts.
And if I must say, that’s what we all want.
And here’s why we want it the most. Rumination leads to impaired memory and concentration, loss of motivation, physical health issues, damages relationships and is directly linked to depression, dysphoria and other mental health problems. It creates a vicious cycle that exists in our mind and causes us to manifest their very existence into our life.
In the end, if we don’t control our thoughts they will control us.
So what do we do?
There are numerous principles and practical tools that are used across the world to change our thoughts. Some examples of these are meditations, affirmations, deep breathing, reframing thoughts and journaling. However, what works well for one person might not work the same for another.
But TODAY, I wanted to discuss something new. Have you ever heard of an acronym called BLUE? BLUE describes our negative thoughts and how harmful they can be.
B- Blaming Myself- Everything bad is because of me. If I had just said something different or been who they wanted me to be then the situation would never have occurred.
L- Looking for the Bad- Nothing good ever happens. I’ll just sit here and watch the world pass by and when something bad happens I’ll know I was right. I can spot the bad coming from a mile away.
U- Unhappy Guessing- All of my bad thoughts that I have predicted will come true. There is no other way around it as I’m always right.
E- Exaggerate- Everything I predict when I’m sad will happen to me. And it ONLY EVER happens to me. No one has ever experienced this before.
But BLUE thoughts are not the thoughts we want to have. They are the exact opposite of what we want them to be. Instead of being sad, and seeing BLUE, I suggest we see the loving color RRED.
R- Realistic- Are my thoughts realistic? Can what I’m thinking actually occur? Turn a thought like “the world is against me” into “what could this obstacle be trying to teach me?
R- Reframe- Is there a different way to see what I’m seeing” Is it possible that the glass is full? Is it possible that the closed door is saving me from the pain and anguish of going down a road that is not meant for me?
E- Embody- Do these thoughts embody the vision that I have for my life? How can I change them to align with my own personal values?
D- Desire- Instead of always seeking the negative we must retrain our minds that what we desire is possible. Our desires are our destinies in our own hands.
A BLUE mind incessantly spirals out of control while a RRED stops to find the deeper meaning. A BLUE daze is suffocating and can be impossible to meander but with increased effort and more time in the RRED it is possible to see changes in our thoughts.
Changing our thoughts is not an easy fix and there isn’t one thing that can change them overnight. As with most things we desire in life, it takes time and hard work. Are you willing to put forth the effort to change your thoughts and ultimately change your life?
With all my heart,
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