Four Marketing Strategies that You Can Use Today to Attract Your Dream Clients this Week

Are you looking to attract dreamy clients and grow your coaching business?
Marketing can seem daunting especially when you’re not seeing immediate results but it doesn’t have to be this way.
Follow the steps below and you’ll begin to attract clients with effortless ease.
Offer up that free coaching call. There are massive benefits to providing a free coaching call. The first one being your potential clients get to see what it’s like to work with you. The second one being you’re on the other end fulfilling your purpose, getting fired up, and remembering your why, the reason why you started.
But yes, this isn't all about you so just up and provide massive heaps of VALUE. At the end of the call ask them “ How was that for you?” and when they say AMAZING you then say “ Great, would you like to continue this relationship?”
Bada bing, bada boom it’s your first client, and if it’s not, consider this, they could be a referral or a possible testimonial in the future. Most of all, chin up buttercup your next client is on her way.
Create your own private Facebook group that is specifically catered to your ideal client. Ask three important questions in the approval process before allowing them into your group. Ask them what their current struggles are (this is important, and more on this in a future upcoming blog so be sure to come back and check for this) if they want your freebie as this will ensure that you get their email address for future marketing strategies, and what they are looking for inside your group.
If the idea of creating your own group sounds overwhelming then you can also search for clients inside other Facebook groups. When you’re searching for clients take your wants, needs, and desires out of the equation and show up for your future ideal client. Remember that needy is creepy and that will only repel your future clients away. Also, steer clear of anything that is not aligned with your values as in the end it will only result in wasted time as you’ll only attract clients who you will not want to work with.
YOU are doing the choosing, not the other way around.
Nowadays as a small business owner, it’s easy to market yourself and your business by being a guest. The opportunities are endless. If
you enjoy writing, seek out blogs, websites, or high-end online magazines that you can publish articles with. If you enjoy creating content that’s viral seek out possible collaborations with other entrepreneurs who would be willing to share your content with their audience. This can be done on the actual social media feed or by swapping stories for 24 hours. If you enjoy being interviewed seek out podcasts that are catered to your audience.
This list is ongoing as you could seek to partner with another entrepreneur who has a YouTube Channel, TikTok Channel, be interviewed on another entrepreneur's Facebook or Instagram Live. This list could go on and on and on. I invite you to think outside of the box with this.
The easiest way to attract your ideal client is by creating authentic content that highlights who you are and what your business provides. Consider diving deep into this by writing a book, and sharing your story, or sharing what specifically makes you the expert that your ideal clients want to work with.
If a book seems daunting consider creating a journal or another product that will showcase your business and what it’s known for.
There you have it four massive strategies (let’s be honest one category has a subset of 8 different strategies) that will help you step out of overwhelm and ease you back into falling in love with your business.
Now here’s the trick, less is more. Pick one or two strategies that will work for you and stick with them as the one thing that will help you get far in your business is CONSISTENT BEHAVIOR.
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