26 Things to do Today if You're Feeling Uninspired

Are you in a funk? Feeling as if there’s little life in your days? Perhaps it’s a case of the Monday’s but it’s really Friday. Your days run on and on and are filled with monotonous activities, that leave you emptier then you were before you began, and you still wonder “why does life seem lifeless?”
Perhaps, it’s because it is. Your well has run dry. You haven’t felt feelings of happiness, joy, excitement, elation or anything else that would make you want to jump out of bed. You haven’t experienced anything new. You haven’t felt love. You’ve forgotten that you’re human and your built to feel. To live. To love. To cheat death until the end, and then get up and do it all over again. But no, that’s not you. Instead, you wake up. Pay bills. Go to bed. And then wake up, and do it all over again.
You’re not living. You’re dying. And to top it off, you’re uninspired. If this is you, the only way to make it through the funk is to get your ass up, step out of your comfort zone of simply existing and start living. Don’t worry you don’t have to fly across the country or climb Mount Kilimanjaro to get your life back. You can start small and if it’s not enough, go bigger, but please, just start somewhere.
Here's a list that will get you smiling again.
Take a different drive home.
Get outside and start walking.
Go for a hike.
Call an old friend.
Help someone who has less than you.
Make a list of things you’re grateful for and spend more time with them or doing them.
Do something you’ve never done before.
Ride a bike.
Climb a mountain.
Play with kids.
Play like a kid without a kid.
Go fishing.
Go to a concert.
Blast your favorite band in the car.
Open your windows.
Take a vacation to an island.
Go on an overnight road trip.
Camp under the stars.
Say thank you to someone you’ve never said thank you to before.
Read a book.
Ride a bus.
Take the train.
Turn your phone off.
Get out of your head.
If you’re feeling uninspired, don’t keep pushing to produce, listen to your heart, and fill it with the joy it needs. In just a little bit, you’ll find yourself laughing and feeling all the feels once again.

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