Inside my programs, I share with you my Proven Freedom Code so you can fully tap into your power, attract more money and wealth on every single level— and BE rich inside & out.

Let’s make sure you’re in the right place…

> Are you tired of seeing the same old cookie-cutter programs everywhere?

> Are you ready to not only make more money but fully change your life?

> Are you ready to create wealth on every level?

> Do you desire to create an impact and use money as a tool to help others on your journey?

If you said YES to any of the questions above then YES you MOST definitely are.

And that’s great because I want to share a secret with you… I’m tired of seeing the same old cookie-cutter programs everywhere too.


What does MOMENTUM actually mean for you...?

Momentum means having the energy, excitement and personal power to trust you're on the right path.

Momentum means you sign clients with total ease.

Momentum means you have more recurring revenue than you have bills at the end of the month.

Momentum means being in demand and showing up online in celebration!

Are you ready for that?

Yeah that’s what I thought.


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While working with Melissa, I learned a very specific type of way to create content that will attract even more high-ticket clients. The clarity she provided has enabled me to increase my sales by 17% in the short run, and I believe when I launch my program later this year, it will increase my sales by at least 26%, which will help me to get to multiple six figures!

Katy Chen M.

The deeper connection.

Stories about giving back.

Ancestral patterns being broken.

Future generations being changed.



And I truly believe that the messages you see online about money, are disconnecting you from your gifts.

Making it harder for you to attract more money. 

You’d like more of it. But you don’t want to appear greedy.

You’d like more of it. But when you see it splattered online everywhere it turns you off.

Women like YOU aren’t just meant to have more money. You’re meant to have Wealth On Every Level™.

Because you don’t ONLY want to make more money. You want to change YOUR life.

The lives of people around you.

To powerfully leave your mark on the world.

You’re ready to make seven figures “and so much more.”

You’re also READY for true transformation.

But for this to happen something has to change. You’ve got to learn how to fully tap into your power.

How to step forward with ruthless determination.

Inside you’ll learn the tools to create life-changing transformations in your body, your business, your mind, your energy, and your bank account. And all of it will happen - from the inside out.

These programs and this work are ONLY for the woman who’s ready to do anything to get there, but she’s never been presented with anything like this before.

Be prepared to not only step into a new level of expansion. But to learn how to move through these levels at an accelerated pace.

So you can continuously step into the unimaginable.

This will mark the day that you began your journey of truth, embodying your power and creating wealth beyond your wildest dreams.

Are you ready to learn the secret process that will get you there?

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Melissa is the therapy you don’t know you need. She helps you dig deeper into who you are and who you want to be.

Before I started my course with Melissa, I was 1 year into my solopreneur-ship - making it up as I go. I was saying yes to projects I didn’t enjoy, I was working 60+ hours a week and thinking I enjoyed it.
I learned what matters to me: my time + flexibility, my family, my experiences, and my memories. I created a well-balanced daily schedule that aligns with those values.

Most importantly, I started to hear compliments and understand the value I was providing really is appreciated. I began to value myself and my accomplishments.

I would 1000% recommend Melissa Fino to any woman alive, because this is the one life you have, and you deserve to live it in full alignment with full intention. You deserve to be happy now, and for always - and Melissa can help get you there.

—Amanda R.

Yeah, I get it. Everyone is offering a transformation. And this word is nothing NEW.

But here’s my DEFINITION of transformation… The ability to create and live from the unimaginable every single day. To powerfully tap into your highest level, and move through higher levels at an accelerated pace. It’s being fully grounded and deeply connected to your intention so you can forever be who you are. Unstoppable. Whole. All of YOU

"Melissa helped me push myself to break out my mindset of what WILL EVERYONE ELSE THINK OF ME to showing up consistently! Showing up for my people to find me by embodying myself and the version of me I am growing into, and evolving into my growth. Everytime I go live, or record a video I think of Melissa. It’s pure magic."

~ Stevie Poxon, England

"I had no CONFIDENCE when I started working with Melissa. I had no idea if I could be a great fitness coach, or if I could guide my clients to reach their desired results, but while working with Melissa all of that shifted!

Throughout the process, she helped me break down my big goal into small actionable steps that were achievable and after three months I had six new clients. I highly suggest working with Melissa. She is AMAZING!

She’s supportive, she’s in your corner and she believes in you before you believe in yourself. She cares so much about her clients, so much so that I’ve signed on for another six months while we scale my business."

~ Nicole Staudt, Redondo Beach

"I started working with Melissa because I was OVERWHELMED, confused, and not attracting clients. I needed someone to guide me so that I could gain clarity and truly move forward. She did just that! While working with Melissa, we identified my niche, my offer, and my ideal client so that I could begin ATTRACTING them.

I would absolutely recommend working with Melissa. She will cheer you on. She will guide you to dig deeper and get to the core of who you are, and who you want to be as a coach. She will help you gain the confidence that you need, and empower you to UNLEASH that inner power that you already have but can’t see. I would definitely recommend working with Melissa."

~ Alice Koech, Kansas